The core of our mission is taking care of the wellbeing and health of people.
We look for the highest quality of our products in respect of a reasonable pharmaceutical expenditure.


SF Group is an Italian pharmaceutical company, one of the most dynamic in the sector, mainly focused on the development and marketing of valuable pharmaceutical specialties.

SF Group is owner of a wide list of over 250 MA’s covering all the most important therapeutic areas.

SF Group builds its success thanks to the competence, efficiency and professionalism of the main company components:

  • A management with a proven national and international experience;
  • A widespread and highly qualified sales and distribution organization;
  • A highly professional pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs service, capable of dealing with continuously updated technical-scientific issues.
2004 SF Group srl is born from a business initiative of the Saia family.
In the years following the birth SF Group has a rapid growth thanks to a strategy of acquisitions of entire product portfolios of pharmaceutical companies and to the development of its own registration files and MA’s.
2005 SF Group acquires the pharmaceutical specialties of Selvi Laboratorio Bioterapico SpA and San Carlo Farmaceutici Srl.
2008 It expands its product portfolio acquiring the Pantafarm Srl’s pharmaceutical specialties.
2012 The most important step for SF Group takes place with the acquisition of most of the pharmaceutical specialties of Crinos SpA- Company of the STADA Group Arzneimittel AG.
SF Group achieves a considerable turnover dimension.
2013 The products portfolios of Benedetti & Co. SpA and Cipros Srl and some specialties of Genetic SpA are acquired.
2014 Acquisition of a package of specialties from Errekappa Euroterapici SpA.
2015 Acquisition of a package of specialties from Fidia Farmaceutici SpA and some specialties of So.Se.Pharm Srl
2017 Acquisition of a large part of the Lisapharma SpA products portfolio.